The World Padel Tour is the only professional padel circuit that brings together the best players in the world. This circuit is the only one recognized by the International Padel Federation and counts for the world championship.

The tournament calendar consists of three key tournament levels: Master – Open – Challenger. The tour culminates in a major Master Final and may include exhibition events to showcase the sport. In 2023, there were 27 tournaments including four Masters tournaments (for elite players), seventeen Open events (also for elite players) and five Challenger tournaments (for lower-ranked elite players), all leading up to the Master-Final in Madrid. The circuit visited eleven countries, including: Spain, Italy, Argentina, Portugal, Mexico, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, United States, France and Belgium.

But what is an Open?

An Open tournament represents the second highest category within the World Padel Tour in terms of official points earned, which will allow players to qualify for the Master Final at the end of the season.

  • The Open is a tournament with two draws: men and women.
  • An Open has 56 players in the main draw (64 in the Master).
  • The Open awards the winner 500 points or 1000 points, compared to 1700 for the Master.

From the 26th of April to the 30th, the Brussels Padel Open will take place in an exceptional location, the Gare Maritime at Tour&Taxis, with the world’s top 100 players.

Pre-qualification and qualification will be held in Belgium. More information coming soon.