The World Padel Tour, the official world championship of Padel becomes the first global competition to offer equal prize money for all their tournaments to men and women.

This means that the prize money for women will increase by up to 250%.


The World Padel Tour has taken a major step forward in equality between men and women in the sport.
Effective immediately, the World Padel Tour has decided to match all prize money distributed at each tournament.

This is the latest and most important leap forward for gender equality in professional Padel.
In the 2022 season that has just begun, this progress was already marked by more international women’s events than ever before.


Prize money for women’s tournaments will increase by 250% for Challenger events, 178% for Open and Master events and 160% for the Master final, all unprecedented increases worldwide.

The World Padel Tour, with the pressure of the national organizers, succeed in recognizing the incredible professional level of the women and to compensate them adequately for the many sacrifices they have made to compete under unequal conditions until now.


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